On the occasion of the square left Bank of June 2015 whose theme was "The Metamorphosis", Valentine and Sandrine Pozzo di Borgo, the leaders of Quintessence, gave carte blanche to the workshop to transform the old decor of the street shop of the university ( Produced by the workshop in 2010), in an ephemeral setting highlighting the creation of the workshop.

  • Creating a wall decor on existing woodwork inspired by material sediments and mist landscapes
  • Workshop development of a screen with 30 materials created for the occasion: from mineral (stucco) to vegetable and stratification of wood (work on bark), through the evanescence of works combining glass, mirror and paper
  • Directed by Philippe Morvan (artist lumière) of a ceiling on the theme of movements of a sky of clouds

At the end of the event, the showroom has regained its original décor which is also a creation of the Atelier de Ricou.

Furniture Kim Moltzer, lights Philippe Morvan

Year 2015
Place Paris VII
Project Management Quintessence Candles-Paris
Design & Realization Ricou Workshop