Hotel Richer de Belleval

Located on Place de la Canourgue in the heart of Montpellier, the Hôtel Richer de Belleval is a complex edifice incorporating various medieval buildings that were unified in the late 17th century, then remodeled in the 18th century before housing the Hôtel de Ville in 1810. It was acquired in 2016 by real estate investor Helenis with a view to rehabilitating it as a luxury hotel, gourmet restaurant and contemporary art foundation.

After carrying out a diagnosis and study of the interior decor in December 2016, we were commissioned in 2017 to uncover the wall paintings discovered. In 2019 and 2020, we proceeded with the restoration of all the building's remarkable decorations: 

- Salle dite "aux gypseries": de-restoration and restoration of the oil paintings on plaster attributed to Jean de Troy (17th century), restoration of the gypserie volumes and gilding,  clearing and reharmonizing united funds

- Room with trompe-l'oeil architectural decoration, room with blue foliage decoration: uncovering the decorations, filling in, refixing and consolidating, reharmonizing the backgrounds, retouching.

- Grand Staircase: restoration of 12 gypsum busts of Roman emperors

- In "heritage" rooms: uncovering and restoring old decorations, or uncovering and restoring gypsum work as required, and a decorative painting campaign using traditional techniques.

For more information:

- – The Hôtel Richer de Belleval in Montpellier. History, restoration and creation, under the direction of Hélène Palouzié, curator, Duo series, "Patrimoine restauré", 2021

- – Fondation GGL Helenis - Hôtel Richer de Belleval - MontpellierBeaux-Arts Éditions, 2021

Year 2016 - 2020
Place Place de la Canourgue, Montpellier
Project owner Helenis
Work Management Atelier d'architecture Philippe Prost
Protection Inscription MH