Castle U

This Chianti Castle has the assertive austerity of rural Tuscan mansions. Emptied of his furniture, he presented the appeal of a blank page.

The decorator and the client wanted to use this nudity to develop a project of the most daring. In fact, in addition to a considerable work of architecture, each piece has undergone a meticulous work in a matter of detail and finish to the closest to perfection.

Our collaboration within this vast company has focused on more than fifteen pieces. For each of them, we multiplied samples and mock-ups, providing a consequent iconographic research work. Two decorative ensembles are then distinguished: private apartments, in a later style of French inspiration as often seen in Italy, and the rest of the Castle, whose reference relies more on the large decorative ensembles of the Italian peninsula.

Finally, we were entrusted with the responsibility of restoring or modifying some furniture that had to fit into the overall project.

Year 2006-2011
Place Tuscany, Italy
Project Management Private
Work Management P.-H. W
Protection Historical Monument