Castle of Asnières

As part of the site for the restoration and the global redevelopment of the first floor of the château of Asnières, in Asnières-sur-Seine in the Hauts-de-Seine, the Atelier de Ricou carried out all the painting works and the restoration of the painted decoration in Eighteenth century by Paolo Brunettei in Madame's antichamber.

In the Madam's antichamber, we proceeded to the release of the beige layer which covered all the surfaces, then to the consolidation of the support and to the treatment of the metal elements and fixing the decoration. We then carried out a réagréage of the surfaces to facilitate the reintegration of the original decorations by touch-up with watercolour and the restoration of the gaps. We were also asked to reconstitute the north wall (extinct) with the niches and the door, and a reproduction on paper ingres of the engraving of the map of the royal hunts strengthened in the center of the east Wall.

On the first floor, in the three alcove chambers, we had the Louis XV period chimneys laid, restored the gilding of the piers, painted the woodwork with or without rechamping according to stratigraphic surveys, paints the plinths in Faux-marble in connection of chimneys, supplied and laid the textiles.

Year 2013-2014
Place Asnières-sur-Seine, Hauts-de-Seine
Project Management Municipality of Asnières-sur-Seine
Work Management Frédéric Didier ACMH, 2BDM Architecture et Patrimoine, Paris
Protection Historical Monument