Located on the hills of Beverly Hills, this beautiful mansion of the 1920s was the subject of an incredible renovation combining fancy to opulence, under the direction of decorator Timothy Corrigan.

In the Ballroom, the centerpiece of the House, a silver checkerboard irradiated by the Los Angeles Sun serves as a canvas for the scenes commissioned by the client. Castle in Bavaria, swing in front of a waterfall, Octopus and pier with a Ferris wheel, malicious giraffe... all these elements develop in a sham architecture composed of arcades, balustrades, benches and lush vegetation, creating a very magical universe. The curtains also come to support this effect by falling into three textures: textile, high-relief and painted in Sham. The stripes in turquoise camaïeu, largely inspired by the master in the subject José-Maria Sert, then blur the frontier between reality and illusion.

This décor was then adapted to the dressing room, thus picking up the silver checkerboard background, a fantastic iconography and a curtain game.


Year 2015-2016
Place Los Angeles
Project Management Private
Work Management Timothy Corrigan, decorator